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Letters in newspapers can reveal our ancestors' characters, opinions, feelings, personal relationships and give us a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Search thousands of letters your ancestors wrote dating back to the 1700's online.

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Speeches & Letters to Royalty

Historical newspapers often published royal letter correspondence and recorded speeches made to and by royalty, which can be helpful in learning about their lives and thoughts—adding context if you are tracing royal family trees and discover more about your European ancestors.

Speeches and letters to kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes and more were published in the newspapers of the day. These letters to royalty give us a glimpse back in time into our ancestors' lives.

Letters to the Editor

Newspaper editors are always looking for news stories that have connections to their readers. People often write to newspaper editors responding to their editorials, or to discuss topics and issues of concern. These letters from the people are then published in the newspapers.

Letters to the editor can give us insight into our ancestors' personal opinions, viewpoints and characters, as well as provide us with their names and locations at the time of writing. Some people even wrote to the editor searching for their family history. These letters to the editor can be especially helpful in our genealogy research.

Letters Written by Famous People

Newspapers sometimes publish letters written by famous people and celebrities. Sometimes these letters are of a personal nature, such as letters written from famous parents to their children.

These letters from famous people can give us insight into their personal characters and family lives, as well as provide names, places, dates and other relevant genealogical details.

Letters Found in Newspapers:

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Letters Written by Famous People

  • Speeches & Letters to Royalty

And many more!

Letters in Newspapers Bring Our Ancestors To Life

Letters have played a pivotal role throughout our nation's past, serving as our ancestors' primary means of communication throughout the 18th century and continuing to be popular today. You can discover several types of letters in newspapers,

including letters to the editor, letters written by famous people, letters to royalty and more. These old letters bring our ancestors to life by revealing their day-to-day lives, characters and opinions.