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Historical American Songs and Poems about War and FreedomPoetry & Songs about American History & Freedom

Newspapers are a rich resource to discover American history, providing extensive coverage on the most important events that have shaped our country's past. Historical American poetry published in newspapers gives us a unique perspective on our ancestors' lives and the times of they lived in.

Our online database contains songs and poems about war, peace, freedom, life and liberty dating back to the early 1700's. Find old poems and songs from our American ancestors' about the Civil War, World War I, World War II and more.

Old Songs and Poems about Family in NewspapersOld Poems & Songs about Family, Love, Life & Death

Poetry and song is a celebration of art and culture that spans a wide range of subjects including family, love, life and death. Many newspapers regularly publish poems from famous and aspiring poets, sometimes hosting poetry contests to encourage submissions for publication.

You can discover over a million poems, songs and hymns written by our American ancestors' online in our newspaper archives. These old songs and poems are printable, making them tangible family keepsakes to cherish for generations to come.

Old Epitaph Poems from Tombstones - Epitaphs on Gravestones in NewspapersEpitaphs

Newspapers often publish epitaphs to remember the dearly departed, sometimes including the inscriptions on our deceased ancestors' tombstones. These short memorial poems commemorate the deceased, often expressing love, respect and sometimes even humor.

These poems in memoriam can provide us with information about our ancestors’ lives and the way they died. Epitaphs can also help us find our deceased relatives' places of burial and other key genealogical information.

Historic Genealogy Poems in NewspapersHistorical Poems about Genealogy

Newspapers print poems on a variety of subjects, including genealogy and family history. As such, our newspaper archives are a fantastic resource to find old poems about ancestry and genealogy.

These genealogy poems are printable, making them great materials for scrapbooking projects and keepsake gifts for genealogists.

Poetry & Songs Found in Newspapers:

  • Epitaphs

  • Genealogy Poems

  • Poems About Family & Life

  • War Poems

And many more!

Poems & Songs – A Celebration of American Art & Culture

Old poems and songs published in newspapers bring art and culture into our American past. Discover who your ancestors were in over a million historical epitaphs,

poems and songs in our newspaper archives. Find old poetry and songs spanning a wide range of subjects and topics from genealogy to war online.