We used this database to prove our ancestor, Captain William York, was a Revolutionary Soldier. Forming his own Troop of Horse, he was, initially, said to be a “mercenary”, but after being denied his pension in 1832, he asked his congressman to pursue it. After William's death in 1827, his son, Josiah Cowan York, kept this request alive, and it was finally approved in 1860. My cousins and I almost screamed when I found the page where the “heirs of Captain William York” are approved for his pension.
Diane Stark Sanfilippo
Sometimes less is more! I plugged in my ancestor's name, Thomas Dunbar, and the date he died, 1855. I DID NOT enter the place he died, Madison County, Kentucky. Much to my surprise, his obituary came up in the Richmond, VA, newspaper, Richmond Whig!
C. A. Rose
Half an hour after taking out the 30-day-trial membership, I found the marriage of my greatx2 grandparents for which I'd been searching for the last 5 years but to no avail! I’ve now found quite a bit of information on my gx4 grandfather Frank Eberhard/t relating to his stove-making business in New York.
Jenny G, NSW, Australia
I wanted to share a success story with you: My 3rd great grandfather, Bolin S. Jeffries, served as a Confederate during the War Between the States. I knew from his wife's pension application he had died Oct 15, 1883, but had no cause of death. While researching on GenealogyBank, I found a small article saying he had been shot by his son-in-law, Thomas Prince. This was a surprise and shock to me and it raised a lot of questions. I did further research and found my answer. I knew Oct 15 was his birthday, so I assumed he was celebrating. He celebrated a little too much and when he returned home, he was in a pretty nasty mood. He argued with his wife, Sarah, and son, Henry. While this was happening, his daughter Raddie and her husband Thomas arrived. Thomas was on his way to hunt and had his gun with him. When Raddie tried to stop her father from fighting her mother and brother, he turned on her and began choking her, and Thomas shot him. Sad story, but without that small article I found on GenealogyBank, I would mostly likely never have learned how Bolin's life ended! It is stories like this that make genealogy so addictive. Thank you for the wonderful resource you provide!
Anne Brown
I just became a member today, and already I have found a lot of newspaper articles on both my father and mother's side. Things I never knew about! You have a great site. And whatever you do, never sell out to Ancestry.com: they are so greedy.
Sandy Bushaw
Fantastic website! I've found so many interesting stories, photos and vital information to put families together! A million thanks for such a terrific resource!
Shari Duce
I'm a subscriber to GenealogyBank.com, and I've been very happy with all the documents that I have found. It's a terrific resource. Not only have I found names, I've found stories. That's amazing!
Michael Hall
I thought you might like to know how useful I've found my subscription. Your holdings have really good coverage for one area of my family history interests. I estimate that I have found about 400 articles about my extended family, including a great-great-grandfather, a great-grandfather, and a great-great-uncle, as well as more recent generations. In many cases the information was new to me, and each instance has enriched my knowledge of this family. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work of adding more papers all the time.
Margaret Harpool
Just wanted to say that GenealogyBank is, in my opinion, one of the best services/sites of this nature that I've used for my research. Overall, I would grade your site = A+ — Thanks!
Lee Garner
Incredibly useful resource. I use your website as much as Ancestry or FamilySearch. Thanks for including Florida newspapers in your collection.
I have been searching for the obit for a cousin for over two years. It was an obituary from 1940. I expected to find it in a Newark, NJ, newspaper (or other smaller area newspaper near there), but I found it in a Trenton, NJ, paper instead. Surprised by that. Very excited that I found this obituary! Found it in newspaper articles on your website. Thank you!
Jim Kunkel
I find so many things on your site and recommend it to everyone doing research. Not only do I find so much information, but you're always fast to respond to any questions I've had. Keep up the good work!
Donna M.
I LOVE this website. So much information can be found in the newspapers, verifying relationships, etc. I have found so many different items I would not have been able to find anywhere else, short of flying to the city they occurred in and visiting the local library. Not everything is here when I look for it, I have a lot of NY and CT family that I often can't find, but what I DO find makes this site worth its weight in gold.
Kim from Florida
I use GenealogyBank to search out additional "color" to add to the family tree, so that there is more than just names, dates and places. I love looking at the anniversary stories, the wedding announcements, and the gossip columns. When I found this story involving some members of the family tree, I just had to share with you: http://bit.ly/1a0WYyc
MF, New Hampshire
A year ago I started on my family tree and completed it in this past summer. I was able to find a lot of information in GenealogyBank that helped me complete 5 generations. My family are pleased with the result. I would recommend your website for anyone completing a family tree. It was exciting. I certainly will be back if I am looking for additional information.
Carol Norsworthy
If it were not for GenealogyBank.com, I would not have been able to trace what happended to a third cousin in San Diego and to his descendants. A subscription to GenealogyBank is a lot less expensive than plane fares to PHL and car to Wilmintgton.
Mary Anne Vincent
I use GenealogyBank and have subscribed for months. I find the historical newspaper collection absolutely invaluable. With one mouse click, I found a death notice that I'd never have looked in without this search capability.
Melinde Sanborn, F.A.S.G., American Society of Genealogists
Holy Cow! Signed up 5 minutes ago and I have been able to find the shooting account of my great grandfather, Philip McNally. I have worked on finding info on this man for 35 years! Thank you so much for having this site!
Maureen Machan
A note to give you a BIG thank you for your service! I had searched for 8 years to solve the 100-year-old mystery in my family of a great uncle who disappeared while fishing along the Columbia River in Oregon, or so the story went. I started searching your newspapers and happened to think to put in my aunt's name, "Bertha Day". Bingo! Here came article after article of the disappearance of "FRISCO Day" in 1910! I could barely believe my eyes! He did not disappear while fishing, but disappeared by driving drunk, as a chauffeur, and taking a woman to catch a ferry late at night and ran off a trestle into the Columbia River slough! The paper had the final story of finding his body almost 3 years later, in 1913. It was absolutely fascinating to read all these stories and finally solve this mystery!
Louise Alsop
For years I'd been trying to find one of my great-grandfather's brothers in the 1880 census, but Rufus McClelland was nowhere to be found. Off I ran to my computer, and GenealogyBank. Sure enough, on 17 November, 1876, near Sparksville, Indiana, a freight train conductor neglected to close the switch, so the passenger train crashed into the freight train. Two brakemen sleeping in the caboose of the freight were scalded to death. The poor man was just 21 when he died so horribly. I would have searched for years and never found him, without newspapers. And without GenealogyBank's keyword search capability, I would never have found him at all. I love the site. I love the way the articles come back with the words I searched for highlighted.
Margaret Rutledge
The "old reliable" and GenealogyBank.com were, well, reliable when it came to finding my maternal great grandmother, Mary Adeline Balar-Goins' obituary. It only took me eight years to find it. Luckily, I have a picture of my 2nd great grandparents' tombstone which confirms the obituary. Whew! I've been looking for this obituary for at least eight years. I found it last night.
Robert Goins
I have been searching for the parents of my great-great grandfather from Dalton, Massachusetts, for as long as I can remember. Recently I read an article in GenealogyBank from the Springfield Republican of 1911 that stated that three of my great-great grandfather's daughters were attending the funeral of their uncle, whose last name was the same as theirs. On a whim I decided to send for a copy of his death certificate to see if it named his mother and father. When I received the copy it did name his parents, who were indeed the couple I had always thought were my great-great grandfather's parents. Since the uncle was the youngest son I am sure that I now have the answer to my brick wall.
Jane Preston
What [GenealogyBank has] told me by carrying Bridgeton Evening News is that my grandmother was a featured soloist at the Bridgeton Churches, where she attended school; that her cousins, mother and uncle often sang with her; that my great-grandfather lived until 82; that he was a Civil War Vet; that his son Charles, who died in Vineland, was asphyxiated by a gas lamp; and even MORE scandalous, a weird young man was found murdered with a LETTER TO MY GRANDMOTHER in his pocket (they were in their late teens) and that he was essentially stalking her. (The murder was unrelated.) Also, where funerals were held; vacations at the shore, visitors from out of town... ALL FROM THE BRIDGETON EVENING NEWS. Can you IMAGINE how delighted I have been to discover this 'gossip rag' of the early 1900s????? You've helped me to paint a picture of my beautiful grandmother, whom of course I only knew as 'old' through the eyes of a child.
Victoria Camp
I had spent months and months looking for any shred of information on my great, great grandfather. I was looking high and low, but solid information was impossible for me to find. Then I was directed to GenealogyBank.com. The very first time I typed in his name, I got over 30 hits! Needless to say, I was beyond amazed. The very first hit included his middle initial and his job title. I have found much more about this elusive ancestor and hundreds of additional family members. Perhaps best of all, I have found dozens of photographs of ancestors I never knew. One of my favorites is the story, complete with pictures, of an ancestor who was almost trampled to death by Minnie the elephant at the Cleveland, Ohio zoo back in March 23, 1915! I also love the engagement and wedding stories and photos. Lots of pictures in period outfits, family member names, etc. The obituaries are stellar. GenealogyBank.com is by far my favorite, most valued, and most trusted of sites. I use it daily!
Scott Phillips
From your website, I found historical articles about my Seattle pioneer ancestors and their minor league baseball star brother, Bill “Wee Willie” Campbell, who was a paid player and manager between 1902 and 1910; as well as family members involved successfully in the Gold Rush from Seattle to Skagway and Juneau, Alaska, who were actually Skagway town founders in the Seattle Daily Times. It was a good choice to use the Seattle Daily Times and the Skagway and Juneau publications for Gold Rush news for your archive over the Times or PI. I found things in that publication I could never find in the larger publications in Seattle in two years of library research here in town. Thank you very much. Very excited about my findings. Worth the subscription to me.
Valerie Campbell
Thank you so much for a great website. I am so happy that I subscribed. As editor of our local historical society newsletter, I get a lot of writing ideas from reading old newspapers. I appreciate the fact that you are always adding more papers to the list.
Kathy Fisher
I’ve been using this site both professionally and personally for a few years now. I had been searching for the death date and place of death of my great grandfather for years and really had little hope of finding it. My mother always said he died in 1928 or 29 probably in Port Arthur, Texas. I had entered his name, Ramon Sanchez, over and over with no luck in a number of sites including this one. One day a few months ago, I tried it again, and voila, there was his obituary, in a Spanish language newspaper, La Prensa! I just want to thank GenealogyBank for including such diverse resources in its database.
Patricia M. Hughey
[....] I found something very valuable on your site, [...] the story of my ggrandparents getting back together after 20 years being apart back in 1901-2 time. I believe it was in one of the TX papers, don't know why it was in it, because my ggrandfather went out to Wisconsin to seek his fortune after marrying my ggrandmother in Nova Scotia. He left after 2 weeks marriage (she was already pregnant but didn't know it, with my grandmother) and her parents did not like him, so they kept all his letters from her. He went to Massachusetts to see a friend and he asked about her and was told she lived not too far away, never married. He went to her house, and the rest is history as they say.
Margaret Sessions
I subscribed to your site yesterday and forthwith found a very interesting 4th of July article concerning my Revolutionary War patriot ancestor. What a great find!
Nancie Brunk
I recently learned my early ancestors traveled with a French group called The Ravel Family. They were a circus family but performed in theatres in New York City, Boston, Havana, New Orleans and other U.S. cities and countries. It turns out, The Ravel Family were world famous and had a great reputation. My 2nd great-grandfather, Leon Giavelli (stage name of Javelli) performed high wire acts that no others dared try...I found all of this out just from typing 'Giavelli' in your search engine; I have been very busy downloading newspaper articles and advertisements of my family and I owe it all to you!
Jane Laughon
I found a letter written by my third great grandfather - the first thing I've ever seen written by the man. This letter was published in the Albany (New York) Argus in February of 1819. Wonderful! Most of the content found at GenealogyBank is unique, not found on other sites. You may search it for free to see how many records there are for your family. If it looks good, sign-up to see the full records. Honestly, if you have colonial ancestry, you can't afford not to use this new resource. For the first time ever, you will be able to access newspapers and documents not previously indexed or in many cases, accessible at all. What makes this collection unique is that much of the data is from the American Antiquarian Society in Worchester, Massachusetts. This organization holds the earliest American printed materials, including newspapers - and now, for the first time, much of this material is accessible to you and I - all in digital format.
Leland Meitzler
I had a chance to 'test drive' the new individual GenealogyBank and was much impressed.... My best finds were in the Historical Documents collection - the American State Papers and the U.S. Serial Set. They yielded the most interesting and amazing information. I learned my 3rd great-grandfather, Solomon Dunagan was a constable, and testified at a voter fraud trial at Wayne County, Ky. Feb. 9, 1860. Solomon's son, Thomas J. Dunagan testified at the same trial as a witness for the prosecution.
Carllene Marek
It has a lot more and to me it has been worth the money. You can take it a month at a time. I have already found so much info on one of my surnames and it will take me days to go through it all. I love the site.
Barbara Nichols
I have to tell you that I was a little upset when I couldn't find my husband’s people through this site. I was going to cancel and thought, I'm going to try for information on the gr-gr-grandmother I've been searching years for. . . and, I FOUND HER ON HERE AND READ MANY ARTICLES AND HAVE ADDED MORE PIECES TO MY PUZZLE FOR HER! I'm so thrilled and wanted to say to anyone that wants to give up. . . keep searching!! Your newspaper articles are amazing!! Thank you for an awesome website!!!
I just had to take a moment and send a email telling you how ecstatic I am to have found a web site like yours. I recently obtained a 2 year subscription thinking it would never take me 2 years to find what I needed, but I think I was wrong. I have found soooooo much information on my ancestors already, and every time I look for someone, I find more! Even if I were never to find another bit of information, I certainly feel that I have already gotten my money's worth. What a wealth of information it has been, and has helped me tie up so many loose ends. Amazing!!! I feel that with the information that I have found thus far, every penny spent is well worth it.
Barbara Baker Pierson
[GenealogyBank customer support] instructed me to use the advanced search feature and to type 'William Kennedy' into the 'Include keywords with search' slot instead of using the surname and first name slots. I tried her suggestion to search historical newspapers on the Genealogy Bank website. The second news item that I opened was the obituary of my great, great grandfather, William Kennedy. This obituary broke through a brick wall. Now, knowing that the surname of William, James, Richard Patrick, and Michael was Britt, and not Kennedy, moved me from the garden path to a more successful road. I have been finding additional information about my Britt relatives.
Eileen Haggerty
Another gem in my treasure chest of family history. This week, it's another newspaper article, this time from the San Diego Union dated 4 January 1944 (page 14, accessed on GenealogyBank). It gives me a death date (Saturday, before 4 January was 1 January in 1944), so I could order a death certificate. I've been collecting death notices, obituaries, articles, real estate transactions and more about my San Diego families. The bonus for me was to see my name in another newspaper article, only two-plus months after my birth!
Randy Seaver
I do appreciate all the information that I have been able to obtain on my many family lines during my membership. I have recently starting searching through old books and documents; and I have found a great deal of information. All in all, I am very happy with my experience and appreciate the graciousness of your service reps and all the information you provide. So, please consider me a happy subscriber!
GenealogyBank Member
I just wanted to provide some feedback concerning your site. Most of my ancestry research has been for the Springfield, MA area and your site has been a tremendous help in not only identifying new family members but also providing detailed information of our family members' occupations, accomplishments, etc. Thanks for providing such a great resource, and keep up the good work.
Jerry McDonald
I had a short-term subscription to your website a while back and found some information on my family that I would never had known otherwise. It was from some Nashville, TN, newspapers from the 1830s spanning only 3 years in your collection. The information was one of the great finds of my 30 years doing genealogy. The newspaper pieces concerned my ggg-father having invented, so he thought, a perpetual motion machine. I never knew he tried his hand at inventing so would not have known to look for anything like that in newspapers on microfilm. Whatever it was I paid for the subscription I had was worth every cent.
I wish to thank you for your excellent web site. Because of a small article in the Oregonian, Portland, OR, I found that my husband's great grandfather published his life story in the classified ads of the La Grange Observer, La Grange, OR. I was then able to order the microfilm of that newspaper for the suspected time period of later part of 1947 through 1948. I then found 19 chapters printed in that paper from May to September. What a find! I have also found many articles about my great aunt's family in St. Albans, VT. Since I live in Washington, the availability of these papers are a gold mine. I would never be able to travel to all these places and I never would have found the articles but for the search feature. Thank you for your great service.
Erin Bradshaw
Your newspaper resources helped me solve a long standing family mystery. My great-aunt seemed to disappear after the 1880 census. I could find no marriage record for her, but thought she might have married and changed her name—or died before death records were kept. With my subscription to GenealogyBank, the mystery was solved. A search on my great-grandfather, August Anton, revealed the following tragic story from the 1 Nov 1894 issue of the Birmingham (Alabama) Age-Herald newspaper. The headline read, “Tired of Living”–“Anna Anton Ends Her Existence with a Small Cord”—“A Father’s Ghastly Find”—“The Woman’s Body Cold in Death in a Closet at Her Home on Southside.” Although this was not the end that I had hoped to find, the article also confirmed some details about the life of my great-grandfather, and provides some insight about subsequent family challenges with the illness of depression. Being aware of this family history may warn us to be on the lookout for signs of depression among family members in current and future generations.
Janice Anton Nolin
Loving the information I found in the site. Loving the fact items are indexed. Loving the fact I do not have to drive to the state library and read microfilm. Wish more newspapers were indexed. Note I have found information on people in papers that were published nowhere near where they lived. This I never would have found without this site.
Joanne Weimer
I'm amazed! After only two days of using your site, I found information on a long-lost great-great-uncle on my father's side about whom I knew nothing. I e-mailed my cousin in California and asked her to ask her mother about him, and received some more information and some neat reminiscences from my aunt.
Julie Mancini
I have been a subscriber since February 2008. I really like your site. I have been able to locate news articles about my ancestors in a matter of minutes. I had been looking for an article on my great grandfather's death in a train accident for at least twenty years without any luck. I found it in about ten minutes searching GenealogyBank. THANK YOU!
Keith Parrish
I've been thrilled with the info. I've gathered from your website. I've broken through several brick walls that have existed in my tree for over 30 years. I've gathered well over 300 pieces of data and put so much flesh on the bones of my ancestors. I can't believe I've been an amateur genealogist for all these years and never knew of you.
Jane Brusca
I have never believed in paying for websites, but I finally broke down and subscribed to Genealogybank.com. I was thrilled to have found numerous articles on my family in the Philadelphia Inquirer (PA). Thanks for your great website.
Barbara Turner
Congratulations on a terrific website! I can't leave it - I found several newspaper items I've not before seen and I still have more on the list to view. I'm one of your first subscribers. Thank you so much for your dedication. It paid off tremendously. I'm going back now.
Stefani Evans, CG
I almost fell off my chair last week, and not because I'm naturally clumsy. I was trying out the new GenealogyBank database ... and saw a headline 'Boy From Holy Land Working Way Through University of Texas.' I clicked, and there was a picture of my grandfather. The slightly melodramatic 1924 Dallas Morning News article told how my Lebanese ancestor - who lived in an orphanage - respected his elders, studied into the wee hours and worked in a dairy all summer to earn money for college. Despite 'lacking in dash and brilliance' (in the reporter's opinion), he was in the band, played football and won a debate contest. I never met my grandfather, but he sounds a lot like my dad (except my dad is brilliant). It was a totally unexpected discovery, and just goes to show you can find information in surprising places.
Diane Haddad
GenealogyBank is the most customer-oriented genealogy website I've ever had the pleasure to use. Its constantly-expanding content is remarkably varied, immensely useful, and delightfully out-of-the-ordinary. A vast number of the documents included in 'America's Government Documents' and 'America's Historical Books' are not found in the genealogy databases I've seen. GenealogyBank's features are easy to understand and use. The Help section is comprehensive and well-written. GenealogyBank clearly was created and structured with the needs of genealogists at all levels of research in mind.
Joy Rich
I have to hand it to you! I have been searching for the death record for my 4th G-grandfather, for 12 years! I have searched everywhere I could think of including online resources, state archives, state library, local historical societies, and the cemetery I expected he would be buried. Nothing! All these years, nothing! When I signed up for a subscription, he was the first name I searched for and voila! There he was—a small mention of his death in the Newark, NJ, newspaper, Sentinel of Freedom. Now I have something to work with for follow up research. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This means the world to me!
I love GenealogyBank!!! It brings family history to life decades, or centuries, later!
Randy Seaver
As always—you have one of the best and most useful sites out there—HANDS DOWN! I have discovered so much family history by using your site. Every single time you do an update, I find another nugget from somewhere in my family line. You are amazing!
Mike Shea
I have been doing genealogy since the age of 6, and I am now 71 years old. I spend 20 hours, and sometimes more, every day doing research. I have been a subscriber of your site for quite a few years, and I find it ever so helpful in gathering obituaries and other tidbits, both from current and early newspapers.
Alison Franks
After the tremendous find yesterday that many years of the San Diego Union and Evening Tribune historical newspapers were recently added to GenealogyBank, I was like a kid in a candy shop... it was truly a Forrest Gump genealogy moment for me as I found one helpful and interesting tidbit after another.
Randy Seaver
I just signed up for a free trial; definitely intend to buy a subscription. There are no words that can express the emotion felt after one day of usage. My eyes haven't been dry since then! This is truly amazing as it is difficult to trace Native American and African American ancestry. Your site, literally, was the ONLY place that has usable information to prove my ancestors’ existence, including marriages, divorces, previous addresses and where they’re buried. The completeness and accuracy is overwhelming. I’ll also be able to locate living relatives that I haven’t met yet! What a conversation piece this will make at our family reunions! Thank you for taking the time to preserve history.
S.F. Rich
I want to tell you that I found a newspaper article using GenealogyBank that I have been looking for for years and years. It was in the Boston Gazette, October 13, 1757. It is the account of Hans Peter Wampler's five children that were taken by the Indians. My ancestor, Eva, was one of the children taken. She was returned to her family after seven years. I was sure happy to find it and sent it on to several cousins.
Virginia Braun
What a find! I have to say that I have found more information on my current focus family through GenealogyBank than through any other source I have tried. There are books on Google that have lots of the information, but the actual articles verifying the information in the books is fantastic. Such gems are there—an unsuccessful horse trade that led to a law suit, a murder most foul in which the perp did not get the punishment I thought he deserved, and a squabble over assets. Keep on digitizing—we all have so many places to look for these gems. Your newsletter is very helpful, as well. Just knowing that the pensions paid to war veterans and families went to other countries around the world is worth so much to me. Maybe I can find some of my “lost” ancestors that way. This membership is well worth the money.
Cecile Brown
I am a major fan of GenealogyBank. I teach numerous classes in St. Louis through the St. Louis Genealogical Society and area colleges/universities, and GenealogyBank is on "Ted's Top Ten" list of recommended websites. Thanks for the great job you are doing in compiling searchable newspapers. That's a real boon to serious family history researchers and I have made many, many exciting discoveries in those pages. I always enjoy receiving your periodic updates listing new newspapers. I hope to read soon about some additional titles in Missouri.
Ted Steele
I love Genealogybank.com! I have found the most amazing and insightful items on your site, ranging from small stories about relatives to their obituaries. I have never been disappointed in any of the results I have received. I want to let everyone know how much I have learned about my family from your wonderful site. I especially like the state-by-state, or all-states, aspect of searches. This has been enormously helpful in tracking the travels of my family. I recommend Genealogybank.com to anyone doing genealogical research as a stand-alone tool and also in conjunction with Ancestry.com or any other genealogical site. Thank you again for such a thorough and rich cache of information! Keep up the tremendous good work.
Karen George
Genealogy is my #1 hobby and profession. After hearing about your site, I signed up for a year. I have spent hours at libraries finding and copying obituaries and now some of them I can find just by typing in a name! I'm also finding the less common marriage notices and newspaper articles that I did not even think to search for because I did not know they existed until they came up on my screen!
Michael W. McCormick
Your site...I am delighted I found it. Such a wide variety from major city newspapers I've never found anywhere, especially with regard to the period of history in which I am most interested. Keep adding, and thank you, from a very much pleased subscriber.
George B. Parous
I've been having a ball finding articles about my family. The biggest find for me...was discovering my gr-grandfather's uncle in Congressional records as well as in newspapers. He had left home as a child and didn't return home again until after his father died. It was reported in the newspapers that his elderly mother (my gr-gr-gr-grandmother!) almost went into shock after not seeing him for nearly 37 years. GenealogyBank gave me great insight into his life as a fisherman turned world traveler and the names of his children that he had with his Russian wife and his locations in Russia and Japan back in the 1800s! How cool is that??? :)I can't wait to see what papers you will put up next. Keep up the great work!
Catherine "Casey" Zahn
I'm going for a two-year subscription, for the price may never be this good again - and with all the new resources being added, who knows how much more genealogy I will be able to access 18 months from now. Look how much new content went up in just six weeks!
...they are the kind of resources that help you to not only use source documents to learn more about your ancestry, but they also help you to put 'meat on the bones' of your genealogy as you work to create a family history. Now, individuals have access to a wide array of great resources, which are centralized and available through a single subscription service. GenealogyBank is quickly becoming a major player in the field.
Internet Genealogy
Right off the bat, you'll notice the servers respond quickly to return hits. In my first two searches I found 2 relevant entries for my ancestors. I expect this new website will be on my 'must visit regularly' lists.
I have never believed in paying for websites, but I finally broke down and subscribed to Genealogybank.com. I was thrilled to have found numerous articles on my family in the Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer. Thanks for your great website.
Barbara Turner
So far love this site!
Carla Mercado
Genealogybank has fast become one of my favorite genealogy sites out there. There is a vast variety of information in historical newspapers, and it's long been a source not tapped to its potential. I have filled hundreds, if not thousands, of details for many of my ancestors in New England, especially that information that can be found after 1900, and in items like obituaries. Even historical articles can carry great information. I found where my grandfather, who I never knew, had been involved in a serious incident as a young man.
Todd E.
I have been researching the Jewish community of Duluth, Minnesota, for the last five years and have found your website incredible! To date I am sure I have found over 3,000 newspaper articles regarding many families. Thank you so much. When I share the information with others they are amazed what is possible to find! For some, as one person told me: 'It is like opening a bank vault and gold coins falling out or drinking water from a fire hose.'
Karen Alpert Entous
I just received my renewal and I wanted you to know that this is my all-time favorite site. I often refer this site to people that have told me that they are researching. The feedback that I get is wonderful. Thank you so much for your ongoing work. You have no idea what this site means to so many people.
Joanne Pellham
GenealogyBank is a must-have for online genealogy! I've been using it for a long time now, well over a year. The quality of the results I find far outweigh what I get most any other place.
Martha Puckett Berryman
Recently I was contacted by someone who had seen a photo I posted online. The photo was of a WWI unit, then stationed at Camp Crane prior to being sent to France. His grandfather was in that unit, though not in the photo. In the course of our correspondence, I offered to see if I could find anything on GenealogyBank.com and searched for his ancestor. Turned out the man had written home telling of his experiences with life at Camp Crane and the letter had been posted in the local paper. It was a treasure trove for the grandson, who is writing a book about his grandfather's war-time experiences, but also for me as the details are likely very similar to what my own grandfather knew.
Kay King
I had looked at this site online, started to fill out the information, then decided I didn't really need to do this right now. Yesterday I got a call from a very nice young man at GenealogyBank. He wasn't pushy but did present the benefits of this web site. He asked me to give him one name I was interested in researching, which I did. Within 30 seconds, he had pulled up several newspaper articles, one of which had a picture of this individual. That's all it took for me to sign up on the spot! I do have a problem with this site, though. None of my housework got done yesterday, and I missed several of my TV shows! Thank you for a great source of information.
Kathy Slofkosky
I hoped to find a few old obituaries at first, but never expected to find death notices in high German in the Cincinnati Volksfreund; family names in articles in the society pages of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (1900); advertisements for The Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs Arkansas (hotel manager 1928); murder suicide in 1868 Cleveland Plain Dealer; many marriage announcements, some with photographs and so much more. I look forward to your newsletters announcing new records in the collections so that I can once again “flesh out” my family tree research.
Pat M.
I want to be young again because of GenealogyBank. I could have completed all my years of research in minutes with this service. I have so much more I want to learn and now I have this resource right in my living room.
Charles L. Sullivan
I'd suggest a disclaimer on your advertising..."Possibly hazardous to your health. Highly addictive." I'm not kidding when I tell you that I have developed sciatica from spending so many hours on your site and losing all track of time. Now I set a timer and make myself get up and walk around for a short time to stretch my muscles. Additionally, I've probably taken a few years off my husband's life span due to the sudden shrieks I frequently emit when I find some valuable piece of information. I am working on trying to control that...fat chance!!
Jane Brusca
I have never heard of this site before, just saw it on Facebook and decided to check it out. This is my dream come true! In 5 minutes I've found more articles about my g-g-g grandfather than I ever thought possible! I'm sold....
Joan Morrison
I am a multi-state licensed private investigator that specializes in historical and genealogical research. THIS IS MY FAVORITE WEBSITE! Thanks so much!
DeeDee, Baton Rouge, LA
Genealogybank is a fantastic resource. I literally have pulled 100s of newspaper articles in the past year from the 1780s to the 1920s that have helped me reconstruct families, and much eye opening information. Over this holiday I reconstructed another family using it and am now matching old photos back to these folks from over 100 years ago. Whereas most databases give you the vital records, GenealogyBank fills in the life stories. I have been getting a kick out of the horse trader and express man brothers and their stories that made the paper. They amused (and not so amused) the folks of Springfield, Mass, for several years in the Springfield Republican. Although I have not found photos of them yet, I have now correctly identified their sisters and some nieces and nephews after decades of not knowing for sure who the people were.
Ken Piper
I subscribed immediately. Within a short space of time I found an obit for great uncle John P. McCANNEY. My father's namesake, he hid from me for years! I also found a news article for Aveline KUNTZMANN, my beloved's 2nd great grandmother. It always puzzled me because she is not interred with KUNTZMANN family. Wow! She was lost when the LA BOURGOGNE sank in July 1898. I am going to be sleep deprived!
Mary McCanney Finley
Your GenealogyBank is WONDERFUL. It's a must for researching genealogists. I ran into info that I had searched and searched for years ago in libraries. And here it is now right at my fingertips! Amazing. It is well worth the price. Thank you for giving us all this information.
Diana K. Bennett
I subscribed today and have only stopped twice - once to eat a quick dinner and now for this note to thank you for this wonderful site. Already I have found 30 newspaper references in 1700-1800 for my ancestor in New York. I can't thank you enough for putting this out there for us. What an accomplishment! I'm so glad it came along while I'm still here. I turned 87 this September. The program sent me hurrying along to finish my family history!
Alice H. Williams
GenealogyBank is awesome!
I am an ecstatic subscriber to GenealogyBank. I found hundreds of newspaper articles about my family. And they just keep coming! I've found obituaries, dates of marriages, I could go on and on. I am truly overwhelmed! One of the best investments I have ever made
Donna from Peachtree City
We love the services you offer. Your staff are friendly, knowledgable & the most helpful we have worked with in the last 10 years. Your services are steps above the rest. Special thanks & great appreciation to you all. Special thank you to Linda who helped us today.
James Webb, Jr.
Thank you. I was looking for my oldest son's father. I found his death record on your site. At least I can stop looking for him. I now know that the last letter I sent him was returned because he was already gone. Again, thank you.
Teresa Van Dyck